Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who Abest Power & Gas?

Abest Power & Gas is a licensed Energy Services Company (ESCO) in the State of New York. Since 2012, we have been providing customers 100% renewable electricity supply with a mission to preserve our planet. As NY natives and residents, we are proud to serve electricity to the same areas we grew up and currently live in and we look forward to serving you as well!


Q: What makes Abest Power & Gas different from my utility company?

Abest Power & Gas is different because we offer a 100% renewable electricity supply pricing which is sourced from wind farms across the United States. Your utility company does not offer this same renewable pricing for electricity supply.
Our Customer Service team is the most experienced in the energy industry today. Their goal is to help answer any questions you have and leave you 100% satisfied with just one call. We always enjoy talking to our customers so please call us anytime!


Q: Will my Abest Power & Gas rate change?

We guarantee your first month’s 100% Renewable Electricity supply price. After your Initial month of service, you will still receive 100% Renewable Electricity supply however it will be at a highly competitive month-to-month price. We strive to keep our pricing as competitive as we can for our customers however, market conditions vary, and our pricing may do the same.


Q: What areas does Abest Power & Gas service electricity supply to?

We are currently enrolling and serving customer in the ConEd, O&R, NYSEG, RGE and National Grid electricity service areas and providing 100% Renewable Electricity supply.


Q: How do I sign up for 100% Renewable Electricity supply with Abest Power & Gas?

You can sign up with Abest Power & Gas by clicking here or you can call us to enroll over the phone. We love speaking with new customers so please be sure to call Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM EST.


Q: What information do I need to sign up with Abest Power & Gas?

The process is very simple! All you need is your utility account number (NYSEG & RGE customer’s will need a POD ID) and basic information about your account which include your service and billing address. That’s it!


Q: Who can sign up?

As long as you are the utility account holder or you are a decision maker, you can sign up! Unfortunately, if you are receiving financial assistance from your utility company for your bill, we are unable to enroll your account because they are the best choice for you at this time.


Q: How will my utility know I have signed up with Abest Power & Gas?

When you sign up for our 100% Renewable Electricity supply with Abest Power & Gas, we will notify your utility that we will be your supplier. Once your utility accepts our request to enroll you, they will send you a confirmation letter acknowledging that Abest Power & Gas will be your electricity supplier.